Working and Employment opportunities in Canada

Canada with its tiny population (34 million) and enormous land area is one of the least populous industrialised nations in the world. Its clean air and beautiful scenery attract visitors from all over the world to live and work here.

The top five industries in Canada are Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Services and Manufacturing.

Agriculture is huge in Canada, wheat and grains being the main crops and with the USA just over the border there’s a ready-made market on the doorstep. The sector accounts for 8% of the country’s GDP.
Canada has become one of the world’s leading energy producing countries. Not only does it have huge Oil and Gas reserves but also has a thriving hydroelectric industry. Many of its major cities are powered primarily from this renewable source and Canada intends to extend its research and development into other forms of ‘renewables’ like wind and solar power.

Technology might not be something we particularly associate with Canada but it has introduced a new scheme – The Canadian Start-Up Visa, which aims at making it easier for tech start-ups to enter and do business in the country. Canada aims to become a world leader in this industry and is already making great in roads.

As with many other industrialised nations, Services are extremely important here making up 80% of GDP and employing three quarters of the entire workforce. Retail, Business and Health are all big contributors.

Manufacturing is another large sector and makes up around 15% of the total GDP of Canada, in particular the Automotive industry backed by money from Japan and America make up the bulk of this production.
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