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The primary duties include holding office hours in Math & Stats Learning Centre to help students to understand the statistics subjects in an interactive learning environment, hosting the online stats tutor sessions, interacting with students regarding their statistics topics in the one-to-one sessions, and delivering the workshops & review seminars offered by Math & Statistics Learning Centre.Application Requirements: Please attach a curriculum vitae or resume, a copy of your transcript, contact information and names of two references and indicate current status (UG, M.SC, PhD or others) and year of study (e.g. first year of an M. Sc.). Please submit these requirements as one PDF document.


Successful applicant has a solid knowledge of topics in statistics courses in undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto and excellent communication skills. Proficiency of statistical software such as R would be an asset. Applicants with teaching experience (or TA experience) in the field of Statistics are preferred.


Department Centre for Teaching & Learning Course ID MSLC II Campus UTSC Salary 45.33 Course Enrollment 200 Dates of Appointment 5/6/2019 to 8/23/2019 Number of Positions 1 Number of Hours 50 hours Tutorial/Lab Schedule TBA
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